Why an Ultra-Stylish Designer Radiator IS Possible for Your Budget!

Love the idea of a statement designer radiator but wondering about affordability? Here’s TWO bits of good news…

Luxurious designer radiators with lots of ‘wow’ factor aren’t just more affordable than you might think but are also available in water-saving designs to bring ongoing energy efficiency into your bathroom for years to come.

The result? There’s never been a better time to give a bathroom a new premium look without the expense of eye-watering purchase or running costs.

Introducing: Water-Saving Designer Radiators

tall white radiator

Remember, a radiator needing less water to fill saves money AND also means the radiator will heat up more quickly.

Plus lots of stunning options, each boasting excellent heat conductivity and lightweight designs, means a designer radiator can be a ‘head’ and a ‘heart’ decision.
They’re perfect for both new homeowners and those looking for a budget-friendly way to bring visual impact to a bathroom.

Keep reading to discover recommended units we know you’ll love.

Choosing a Water-Saving Designer Radiator

The stunning Peretti Aluminium Radiator (shown above in the previous section) is a sleek, popular flat panel radiators with an additional modern curve at the end of two panels. 

Prices vary depending on the size required and can vary from just £95 to £524 for the largest version.

For an uncompromisingly striking look, the Withington Vertical Aluminium Radiator (directly above) will certainly be the main focal feature of any bathroom thanks to a spectacularly modern design. 

Priced between £187 – £323, depending on the measurements you need, this radiator is set to be a hot contender for bestseller in 2023.

Finally, for a great balance between modern design and affordability the Charlton Vertical Aluminium Radiator (below) comes in two finishes and with optional towel hangers. Just like all of our aluminium radiator ranges.

The Charlton range has excellent heat conductivity as well as lightweight design to ensure a quick heating solution by using lower water volumes. 

Prices range from £228 to £442 depending on your size and colour requirements while each unit boasts the option of standard central heating as well as dual fuel or electric by adding a heating element.

Why Bathroom Deal for Water-Saving Radiators?

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