Can a Bathroom Upgrade Increase the Value of Your Home?

It’s simple: the design and ambience of a bathroom can really impact the appeal of your home, BUT to make this happen it pays to know about a few essential trends.

The good news? Adding a bathroom that’ll wow viewers of your home in the future is as easy as keeping some basics in mind.

Read on to discover 2023’s bathroom essentials…

Bathrooms & Your Property Value: Use Cloakroom Space

Many homes have wasted space downstairs under their stairs. In fact, many use this space to store clutter and items such as ironing boards that they don’t want their guests to see. This isn’t an ideal use of space from a home-selling point of view.

That’s why a very straightforward way to increase the value of a property is to install a cloakroom bathroom.

Look for cloakroom toilets as these are perfect for compact bathrooms. It’s only a short project to fit these toilets into small spaces and it allows you to make the most of the space you have with maximum efficiency.

Plus, cloakroom vanity units are a practical storage dream for space restricted bathrooms. With various sizes available, cloakroom vanity units enable you to store the essential bathroom items without leaving them laying cluttered around your bathroom. 

Bathroom Deal offers both wall mounted and floor mounted units to suit your individual bathroom layout and design.

Bathrooms & Your Property Value: Invest In a Bold New Look

You could be surprised at the effect a new or updated bathroom can have on the perceived image of your house!

By providing an invitingly new and fresh atmosphere you can showcase your commitment to both the style and the quality of your home.

Plus, keeping your bathroom updated with on-trend styles and modern technologies will tell buyers they have less need to make changes in the future.

Bathrooms & Your Property Value: Think Walk-In

In years gone by, every bathroom had a bathtub installed! However, now we’ve seen a drastic uptake on walk-in shower enclosures with bathtubs increasingly becoming less and less in demand. 

More people are investing in walk-in enclosures that absolutely ooze luxury and style. The trend is to cater for people on the go, especially among the younger homeowners. 

By installing on-trend shower panels in your bathroom, not only can you make your bathrooms appear much bigger (due to the open showering area) but it can also increase the demand for your home amongst the large number potential buyers who prioritise practicality, style and luxury.

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